Downwool sulate co.,ltd.

Company Introduction

Now, the start-up business becomes a venture company
Since its establishment in 2015, Down Wool Sulate Co., Ltd. has developed fiber materials of the warming filler. It has acquired patents related to the manufacturing especially in Wool Sulate which is the synthetic staple fiber of wool fiber and man-made fiber and Down Sulate, Ducks & Geese of downfeathers and man-made fiber in addition to Down Wool Sulate that blends new materials (Wool Sulate and Down Sulate). Also, Down Wool Sulate Co., Ltd. is continuousl y conducting the development of the filling materials by making the prototype. More we have developed Nonwoven of Thermal bonded , Replaced Synthetic staple fiber with fiber Balls that is inserting them to Barb of nonwovens’ Layers or Multi-wavelet structures, also. Using Merino wool fiber, replaced ducks and geese down feathers with a new materials called “Wool sulate”
  • Response Level
      more than 70%
  • Supplier Level
      Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Transaction Level
      less than 5